iOS Shortcut: create an image grid of album covers from a Spotify playlist

This iOS Shortcut might be very specific, but it’s certainly a great place to get started with APIs in the app. The image grid it creates is only one example. You can do so much more! Maybe create spreadsheets with the track information, extract ISRCs or similar information that Spotify has available through their API. Or do you want to download and backup your Spotify playlist track lists to Dropbox? This is certainly a good place to start!

Downloading & installing the Shortcuts

To begin, you need 2 Shortcuts. The first one authenticates you with Spotify and the second one turns a playlist url into the image grid:

First, get your authentication details

Once filled out, this is the screen that gives you the Client ID and Client Secret
This is your Client ID and Client Secret
  • Go to and register or sign in
  • click on “Create a Client ID” and fill out the form
  • get the Client ID and Client Secret. We’ll be using these in the Shortcut later

Enter the Client ID and Client Secret into Shortcuts

Open the “Spotify Authenticate” Shortcut and paste in the Client ID and Client Secret into the 2 separate text actions as below:

Once you have copied a playlist url into your clipboard, you can go to “Spotify Playlist To Cover Grid” and press play:

Other ideas?

If you have used this Shortcut to make your own or you have ideas for shortcuts based on this one, I would love to hear from you!

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